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Student with one year left to graduate, third academic offense, facing one year suspension 

Academic Misconduct

Our client was accused of academic misconduct at the end of the fall semester before his last year in school. As this was his third academic misconduct offense, our client was facing the possibility of a one-year suspension from his public university.

Student accused of academic dishonesty twice in one semester, both instances reversed 

Academic Misconduct

Our client was found in violation of his university’s student code of conduct late into the fall semester of the final year of his undergraduate career.

Three levels of appeal to obtain justice for an honest mistake 

Academic Misconduct

An international student was facing academic discipline and dismissal from her nursing program for allegedly falsifying her clinical hours. Our client accurately reported her meetings with her preceptor as clinical hours according to her preceptor’s instructions.

Two students accused of cheating, only took one month to overturn the dismissal

Academic Misconduct

Our clients were accused of academic misconduct on a nursing school exam. The two students studied together every day. For this particular exam, one of the students received approval to take the exam early.

International student at risk of deportation after academic misconduct charges 

Academic Misconduct

Our client was an international student, pursuing her doctorate degree while also pursuing a master’s degree. As an international student, our client was an English-Language Learner and had no previous experience with the citation format required by the school.

Physician assistant program student quickly dismissed, but quickly overturned 

Academic Failure

The university dismissed our client from the physician assistant studies program with little notice to our client. Our client felt the effects of COVID-19 when she began her program with online classes, isolation, and financial hardships.

Student dismissed then faces conflict of interest in appeal but receives a second chance 

Academic Failure

The assistant dean of the audiology doctoral program incorrectly and inappropriately gave our client a failing grade in a clinical class, despite positive recommendations from the instructors who worked most closely with the students.

Medical school student in need of support, proves his potential 

Academic Failure

After a pattern of academic probation and successful remediation, our client continued to struggle in his academics. The medical school dismissed our client after a year and a half for failure to make academic progress.

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