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Representing Students and Educational Professionals Nationwide on Education Matters

Navigating the world of education law can be tough, but with K Altman Law on your side, you've got nothing to worry about. Whether you are a student or a teacher, Education Attorneys at K Altman Law are here to help you with legal educational issues you might be facing. Take the first step towards protecting your education rights!

Expert education legal solutions at your fingertips

Are you, or your loved one currently facing any legal educational issues? Steering toward the right direction in the legal landscape can be overwhelming.  If you are unclear about the best action plan, experienced and compassionate Education Attorneys and Education Advocates at K Altman Law are here to help you. Don’t let any matter related to Education Law stand in the way of your dreams. At K Altman Law, we deeply care about ensuring that everyone has access to the education and the career they deserve. We provide comprehensive legal representation to help you fight for your rights.  Education Attorneys at K Altman Law will be by your side every step of the way to ensure your success.

Who needs an Education Attorney? 

There are a variety of situations in which an education lawyer can be helpful. Some of these could be:

  • Students who are facing disciplinary action or expulsion from school

  • Students with disabilities who are not receiving appropriate accommodations or an appropriate education

  • Students who have experienced discrimination or civil rights violations at school

  • Parents who are disputing decisions made by the school regarding their child's education

  • Schools or school districts facing legal issues or disputes with students, parents, or other institutions

  • Educational institutions seeking guidance on compliance with education laws and regulations

What does an Education Attorney do?

An Educational Attorney specializes in the legal issues surrounding education. They work with students, parents, schools, and other educational institutions to advocate for the rights and best interests of their clients. 

Education Lawyer represents students as well as educational professionals in matters related to academic misconduct, Title IX, sexual misconduct, cheating, plagiarism, special education matters, hazing, issues related to education reform etc.

Education lawyers provide guidance on compliance with education laws and regulations to educational institutions. They ensure that students receive quality education and that all the parties who are integral part of an education system, especially students and educational professionals are treated fairly and in accordance with the law.

Type of cases an Education Attorney handles

Educational attorneys handle a wide range of legal cases. Some examples of the types of cases they may handle include:

  • Disciplinary proceedings against students, including expulsion or suspension

  • Title IX investigations 

  • Matters related to online cheating and plagiarism

  • Special education matters, such as disputes over the provision of appropriate accommodations or services for students with disabilities

  • Disputes between parents and schools, such as disagreements over educational decisions or policies

  • Education reform issues, such as advocacy for school policies or procedures

  • Compliance with education laws and regulations, including guidance for educational institutions on meeting their legal obligations

  • Employment matters involving teachers, administrators, and other school staff

What should I expect from an Education Attorney?

When working with an education lawyer, you can expect them to provide knowledgeable, professional guidance and legal representation. They should be able to explain your legal rights and options in a clear and understandable way and work with you to develop a strategy for resolving your legal issues.


Your education lawyer should also be responsive to your questions and concerns and keep you informed about the progress of your case. 


You can expect them to be a dedicated advocate for your rights and interests and to work diligently to protect your privacy. 


Overall, your education lawyer is a reliable and effective partner in navigating the legal landscape in matters related to education law.

Difference between Education Attorneys and Advocates

Education Attorneys and Education Advocates are both professionals who work to ensure that students receive a quality education and that the rights of students and educational institutions are protected. However, there are some key differences between these two types of professionals.

Education Attorneys have the legal authority to represent clients in court and can provide legal representation and advocacy for students, parents, and educational institutions in a wide range of legal matters.

On the other hand, education Advocates are typically not attorneys and do not have the legal training or authority to represent clients in court. They often work to resolve education-related issues through other means, such as mediation or negotiations with school officials. 


Advocacy for Students

Education Attorneys at K Altman Law are dedicated to providing top-notch advocacy for students. Our experienced education lawyers and student defense advisors understand the complexities of the education system and are committed to ensuring that every student receives the support and representation they deserve. Whether it's navigating special education laws, fighting for disciplinary issues or protecting students' rights, we are here to help.

Representation for Educational Professionals 

Education Lawyers at K Altman Law specialize in providing comprehensive legal services for educational professionals. Our team of experienced attorneys and advisors understand the unique challenges and complexities that teachers face in today's education system. We are dedicated to protecting and representing educational professionals' rights and interests in all areas of their professional lives, including contract negotiations, tenure and promotion assistance, discrimination and harassment representation, disability accommodations and leaves of absence, academic freedom and First Amendment rights, professional licensure and certification assistance, termination and disciplinary action defense and education law consulting and training.


Our Education Law Team

Keith Altman, Esquire

Founder - Lead Attorney

Timothy Markley, EdD

Director of Student Defense

Nikki Camiso, Esquire

Senior Attorney

Robert Wright, PhD

Student Defense Advisor

Richard Gill

Managing Director

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