What Our Clients Say About Us

Master of Education Student

“From the start of my case, I felt that those at Kaltman Law listened to and addressed my immediate concerns; they had clearly taken on similar cases before and made me more at ease throughout the process. Tanner in particular was available any time I needed to update about the case, call to prepare for large meetings, and discuss with administrators eloquently, efficiently and professionally. I would recommend Kaltman Law because they get the results you need.”
Master of Education Student, Northeastern US

Counseling Student

“Keith, you, and the team have been terrific for the past year! I would recommend you guys to anyone and everyone!”
Master of the Arts (MA) in Counseling Student,
Northeastern US

Assistant Professor​

“I was hesitant at first because Attorney Altman (and Rich) were not local, but since the pandemic, that doesn’t seem to matter much, at least for me. I felt that Attorney Altman, and especially Richard Gill, listened to my concerns and were very straightforward with their thoughts, even if they weren’t what I hoped they would say. They showed expertise and knowledge, and I ended up with what I believe was the best possible outcome under the circumstances. I would recommend Attorney Altman and Richard Gill to anyone who finds themselves in a difficult predicament.”
Assistant Professor, Southeastern US

Nursing School Student

“[My advisor] took it upon himself, even though it is his job, no matter how close to the date [of the meeting], he never gave me an excuse that he was busy. He was always available if I wanted him to be there with me. They always made me feel like I had someone behind me. They just did an excellent job.”

Graduated Nursing Student, Southeastern US

Helping a Female Student with his IEP

I am so appreciative of all your help. I can tell you are compassionate about what you do. As you can tell I’ve had my work cut out for me dealing with this school city and if it wasn’t for your help I feel my daughter would’ve still been in a rut. I can’t thank you enough.  You  have been such a blessing to us. I look forward to finishing this up, with your help, and then working with you for my other child as well. Thank you again!


Student with Mozaic Fragile X Syndrome

We have our share of challenges in raising a child with Mozaic Fragile X syndrome. We needed a support from the advocate, that would help us to get the right placement for our son in the school. When we found Rebecca Sidders and explained what  we would like to achieve for our son, she had a plan of action, and was committed to helping us in any way possible to get what he needed. Her tenacity throughout our case with the school district, resulted in a favorable outcome where the school district agreed to change the placement, program and IEP. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we truly appreciate all your hard work on our behalf.


An Appreciative Client

Thank you so much for all your help and support!! I don’t know where we would be without you!! I am praying we won’t need services again, but if we do, I will definitely be in touch!! I will definitely recommend your services if anybody needs it!


Healthcare Professional Student

“[My advisor] was very helpful in my case. He helped me feel at ease throughout the entire process and worked out for the best. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know and [he] is a very valuable asset to your company. Thank you and your team for allowing me to work with him and giving me the peace of mind that my case was headed towards the best outcome we could have.”
Healthcare Professional Student, Midwestern US

Doctor of Audiology Student

“My experience with K Altman Law was/has been excellent. Because of them, I was reinstated back in my program of study in grad school, and I can continue working towards my dream. They were very helpful, supportive, and listened to all my concerns. They showed great expertise and worked hard on my behalf to get my issues resolved. I would highly recommend the firm to a friend. Special shoutout to Robert Wright for being so kind, helpful, and supportive throughout my whole process! Great guy!”
Doctor of Audiology Student, Northeastern US

Physical Assistant Student

“The firm listened to and supported my concerns. They clearly were very busy representing others, as they are a popular firm, but always made the time to address whatever question or concern I had. The firm showed a high level of expertise in this area, even though it was tough for me to take a breath and trust the process just because of how heavy my situation was. I’m glad I did because they did not let me down. I feel the team worked hard on my behalf and always made sure they hit every topic needed when speaking on my behalf.”

Physical Assistant Student, Northeastern US

Helping a Male Student with his IEP

Thank you so much for your support, leadership, and assistance in tightening up our son’s IEP. I truly believe your presence simply resolved several issues before we even came to the conclusion of his IEP. Our advocate’s hard work and dedication to our child’s case is truly appreciated. I personally cannot thank you enough for caring for the needs of my son.

Robb Walters

School-based Team

Thank you for being the advocate needed yesterday. We as professionals must remember we are here for the betterment of our students regardless of ability or disability; finding a solution is always the way. We are responsible for doing what’s right, not what’s easy.

Jane Bazz

Helping a Family with their Special Child's Education System

Thank you for all your hard work. I could not have done it without you.  You were a great advocate for our family. This is the best thing for our child, and I have already seen improvements since our recent meeting. We have a long way to go, but, this is a great start.  I want to be sure you know our family appreciates all you did.


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