Representing Students or Educational Institutions in Litigation

Schools and educational institutions have a unique set of challenges when it comes to litigation. Students and educational institutions must contend with complicated legal proceedings and costly litigation. In these circumstances, it is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced legal representative who understands the unique needs and risks of the education sector. A legal representative can guide students and institutions through the litigation process with clear explanations, strong strategies and sound advice. With the right legal partner, students and educational institutions can rest assured that their interests will be represented and that their rights and autonomy will be safeguarded. Education Attorneys at K Altman Law specialize in representing students or educational institutions in litigation by providing strategic legal advice and representation in a wide range of matters related to education law. We provide comprehensive legal services, from case assessment and strategy to representation throughout the process, including appeals. We work diligently to resolve issues for their clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Types of student and educational institutions litigation

Student and educational institution litigation can involve issues such as suspending or expelling a student, discrimination, harassment and breach of contract cases. These cases can be difficult, as the outcome often has a big impact on the student’s future. A plaintiff in these cases may be the student, the student’s family or an educational institution. The following are some of the most common types of students and educational institution litigation.

Discrimination & harassment

Discrimination and harassment cases often involve educational institutions such as colleges, universities and public schools. Students may face discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status. In most cases, the educational institution is the defendant and is accused of failing to protect the student from discrimination.

Harassment is any unwanted action or behavior that is offensive or unwelcome. It can include sexual harassment, bullying, cyberbullying or making threats. Educational institutions may be held liable if they are found to have failed to take appropriate action to protect the student.

Breach of contract

A breach of contract case occurs when an educational institution fails to honor the agreement it has made with the student (or their family, in the case of a minor child). This may involve failing to provide the educational services outlined in the agreement, failing to provide a refund if the student withdraws from the program or failing to provide a satisfactory education. Breach of contract cases can also involve breaching a scholarship agreement or failing to provide accommodations for a student with a disability.

Suspension and expulsion

Suspension and expulsion cases involve students being removed from an educational institution for violating a school policy. These cases often involve disputes about the disciplinary process, whether the school followed the correct procedures or whether the punishment was excessive. In some cases, the student may challenge the school’s decision or appeal the suspension or expulsion.

Student privacy

Educational institutions must respect the privacy of their students and protect their confidential student information. Schools must follow the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other student privacy laws. Breach of student privacy cases often involves the improper disclosure of confidential student information or records or the misuse of student data.

Challenges of students and educational institutions in litigation

Litigation is an important part of our legal system and it’s essential for students and educational institutions to understand the potential issues that may arise in a legal proceeding. Unfortunately, litigation can become an expensive and time-consuming process and there are several challenges that may arise during a lawsuit.


One of the major challenges of litigation is the costs associated with legal proceedings. In addition to the filing fees and court costs, lawyers often charge high fees for their services. This can be especially difficult for students and educational institutions, as they may not have access to a large budget. Furthermore, the costs may increase if the case is dragged out over a long period of time.


Legally settling a case can often take a long time. This can be especially challenging for students and educational institutions, as their resources may be limited and they may have other obligations. Additionally, if a case is drawn out over a long period of time, the costs may increase with each passing day.


Another challenge of litigation is the complexity of the legal system. It’s often difficult for students and educational institutions to understand the nuances of the law, as well as the various procedural steps that are necessary for a successful legal outcome.


Perhaps the biggest issue that students and educational institutions face in litigation is the burden of collecting and presenting evidence to support their position. It’s often difficult to obtain the necessary evidence to prove a case and build a solid legal argument.

How K Altman Law may help students and educational institutions in litigations?

K Altman Law specializes in assisting students and educational institutions in litigation. We provide comprehensive legal representation to help protect the interests of those involved in any student-related disputes. The attorneys at K Altman Law have extensive experience in the field of education and student law and are knowledgeable about the laws and regulations that govern student-related issues.

K Altman Law’s Education Attorneys can provide assistance to students and educational institutions throughout the entire litigation process. We are dedicated to helping ensure that the rights of all parties involved are upheld and that their interests are best represented. We can provide legal advice and representation in a variety of student-related matters, including those related to student conduct, free speech, student privacy, academic freedom, discrimination and other legal topics.

K Altman Law provides assistance to students in several areas, including defending students in court. We can provide skilled representation to help students resolve disputes with school administrators, teachers or other students. We also represent students in cases involving academic misconduct, such as cheating, plagiarism and other violations of school policy.

K Altman Law also helps educational institutions, such as schools and universities, in defending lawsuits. Our attorneys have a strong understanding of the laws and regulations that govern educational institutions and can provide legal representation to help protect the institution’s interests.

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