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Civil rights are inherently valuable universal principles. No monetary value can convince us to waive these rights. The civil rights lawyers at K Altman Law understand how much our clients treasure their fundamental freedoms. We represent individuals who have suffered the indignity of having their civil rights violated. The dedicated team of legal professionals at K Altman Law are prepared to stand up to employers, business partners, state governments, and any party who deprives others of their civil rights.  

Civil Rights Cases and K Altman Law

You may not know if you have a civil rights case or not. The dedicated team of civil rights lawyers at K Altman Law can analyze the facts of your case and inform you if you have a viable civil rights action. Retaining an experienced civil rights lawyer is the best thing you can do if your civil rights have been violated. We will stand up for you and use our legal expertise to provide you with exceptional legal representation. K Altman Law has represented clients in many different types of civil rights cases, including the following:  

  • Whistleblower claims 

  • Unreasonable searches and seizures  

  • Unlawful arrests and convictions 

  • Intellectual property rights cases  

  • Privacy rights  

  • Prisoner’s rights  

  • Police brutality  

  • First Amendment rights  

  • Fraud  

  • Fair housing laws 

  • Civil rights cases involving the 14th Amendment  

  • Section 1983 Civil Rights cases  

The Origins of Civil Rights

Many civil rights are the result of struggle and resistance. Many laws have been passed to address the concerns of citizens who protested and lobbied for legislative change. The following are only a few examples of these laws:  

  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 

  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965 

  • The Age Discrimination Act of 1975  

These laws were enacted to expand the rights and privileges of people in the United States. However, these laws are often violated by individuals and legal entities in positions of authority. If you think your civil rights were violated, the best thing you can do is retain an experienced and skilled civil rights lawyer. 
What Is the Role of a Civil Rights Lawyer?  
Civil rights lawyers stand up for clients who have been denied equal treatment under the law. Many civil rights lawyers represent clients who have suffered discrimination based on their race, religion, gender identity, and other elements. Law enforcement officials often are involved in civil rights cases when individual officers and departments deny citizens their constitutional rights. Also, students and adults disabilities often face discrimination at educational institutions. The Americans Disabilities Act is a federal law that protects U.S. citizens with disabilities. A civil rights lawyer brings lawsuits on behalf of clients who have been deprived of their civil rights.  

A civil rights lawyer will engage in many different activities while representing clients who have experienced civil rights violations. Legal research and writing are two important skills that every civil rights lawyer must perform constantly. Also, a skilled civil rights lawyer will attend court hearings and argue motions before a judge. Settlement negotiation is another important skill that civil rights lawyers utilize to benefit their clients.  

Staying informed of important changes in federal, state, and local laws is also another task performed by civil rights lawyers. An individual whose civil rights have been violated will hire a civil rights lawyer to file legal claims against the responsible party. Civil rights lawyers develop case strategies, depose parties, and participate in trials.  

K Altman Law and its dedicated team of legal professionals have represented many clients in civil rights cases. If you think you have been deprived of your civil rights through the actions of another party, contact K Altman Law today to schedule a consultation. We can review the facts of your case and determine how best to enforce your legal rights.  

Do I Need a Civil Rights Lawyer?

You may not know if you need to retain a civil rights lawyer. If you believe your civil rights were violated, speaking with a civil rights lawyer is the best thing you can do to determine if you need legal representation. A civil rights lawyer will be your advocate, and zealously represent your interests. You may have been subjected to an unreasonable search and seizure or wrongful termination. By retaining a civil rights lawyer, you are doing everything within your power to protect your civil rights.  

Contact K Altman Law to Schedule a Consultation

If you have suffered a civil rights violation, contact K Altman Law today to schedule a consultation. We can discuss the facts of your case and determine the legal options available to you. Our team of dedicated legal professionals will provide you with exceptional legal representation.  

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