Title IX and Education Professionals

Title IX: What is it?

We often think of Title IX and it’s role is women’s sports. However, it is much more than that. I you are a teacher or college professor you need to understand how Title IX can upend your career and your live. The Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 specifies that equality is guaranteed between men and women. The federal rules are required for any type of institution receiving federal monies. Specifically, Title IX addresses the role of equality ensuring equal rights and protections for men and women in a variety of settings so that everyone is treated fairly. You may have experienced discrimination at your institution and now may be wondering what your options are as far as moving forward is concerned. With Title IX type cases, these institutions have a legal responsibility to enforce Title IX provisions, and these provisions are not optional. The educational field is not immune from the provisions, as well as the protections, guaranteed through Title IX.

Title IX also includes teaching professionals who may be subjected to unfair treatment based on their sex (sex-based discrimination). This unfair treatment may be from a colleague or from a student. All too often, these cases may go unreported, or even worse, a teaching professional may not know of the resources available to help resolve these types of situations/cases. Teachers, like other professionals, have certain rights afforded to them and should not be in fear of completing their jobs when sex-based discrimination occurs.

Title IX and teachers

Discrimination in all forms affects those in the field of education, which includes sex-based discrimination. Under Title IX provisions, teachers are protected from these types of harassment infractions under the umbrella of Title IX actions and protections. If you are a teacher experiencing a form of sex-based discrimination, perhaps by another teacher, a student, or even an administrator, you are guaranteed protection according to the law and Title IX.

There are more obvious forms of discrimination, such as sexual harassment or sexual assault, and some forms of discrimination that may not be so obvious. Some examples of discriminatory practices that affect you as a teacher can include gender discrimination, false accusations by students, other teachers, an administrator, or other professionals, quid pro quo, and working at a school that has a hostile work environment. Two of the most common forms of Title IX infractions involved quid pro quo and a hostile work environment. Unfortunately, and all too often, teachers face situations where they may encounter situations that involve asking for a favor in return for a favor or being in a school where a hostile work environment dominates the teaching classroom. These are not acceptable situations and are clear violations of Title IX. You may have even been accused of something that you did not commit, and that is when an experienced attorney can help you resolve your case quickly and easily.

What is harassment and how can that affect me?

With the establishment of Title IX, fairness and equality are supposed to be the law of the land. Also, with Title IX, everyone should be treated equally so that there is an even-playing field and stops harassment before it gets worse. Title IX expands beyond just sports and prohibits any type of discrimination that would be considered sex based. All too often, harassment, discrimination, unequal rights, and others, put students and student-athletes in jeopardy. You may have experienced a Title IX case and may be wondering to yourself how to move forward. This is the time when a seasoned, well-established, attorney can help you with ensuring that your rights have not been violated, now is the time to act so that you can make sure that the case does not proceed too far without action and help from an attorney.

Where is the help when I need it?

Not to worry! There is help available and speaking to an attorney about any forms of sex-discrimination would be in your best interest. It can be difficult and challenging trying to decipher just exactly what Title IX is and how it affects the teaching profession. As a teacher, and educational professional, it is your job to focus on teaching and helping students achieve success. But sometimes, through no fault of your own, you face a challenging environment due to discrimination and may not be sure of how to report these types of issues or even what your legal rights may be. When these types of circumstances arise, now is the time to find an attorney who will talk to you about your legal options and one who is prepared to be on your side every step of the way.

Our clients have included a variety of educational professionals, including:

  • Professors
  • K-12 teachers
  • Guidance counselors
  • And others from the field of education

How can Keith Altman help?

There are various complexities associated with Title IX, and Keith Altman Law can assist with interpreting the various complexities. You may be asking yourself: How do I know if a violation of Title IX occurred? There are multiple ways in which Title IX violations happen every day, and sometimes, you may be unaware of your rights and how to move forward. There is no need to worry as the lawyers at Keith Altman Law are available for consulting on different legal matters. Sometimes, filing a lawsuit may need to occur to help you get the justice you need.

You do not need to feel alone when a violation of Title IX occurs, and you need someone on your side fighting for you. With the help of the Law firm of Keith Altman, you can know that trusted and well-seasoned attorneys are fighting on your behalf when a Title IX violation has occurred.  Violations of Title IX can occur for any number of reasons, and you need trusted lawyers to help you navigate through the intricacies of such a complex law. The law office of Keith Altman Law is prepared to help you ensure that your rights are no longer violated, and you have the best representation moving forward.

Keith Altman Law can help you navigate the challenges associated with Title IX, including explaining your rights and protections associated with Title IX. You need an experienced attorney on your side, and Keith Altman Law is here to assist. Whether you have, or are, experiencing Title IX related incidences or are being accused of something related to Title IX, an experienced attorney is extremely valuable and one that can fight on your behalf.

Our attorneys have a wide variety of experiences regarding Title IX cases, including the following:

  • A guidance counselor in North Carolina was accused of a Title IX violation regarding a student. The process was explained to the guidance counselor, we were in all meetings with school officials, helped her write her appeals documents, and in the end, she was found not responsible and returned to work.
  • We have also worked with a music professor who was accused of inappropriately touching a student. As a music professor, it was his job and responsibility to work on posture and poise. Unfortunately, this led to false accusations against the professor just trying to do his job. Keith Altman law was able to negotiate a favorable resolution and have the instructor back in the classroom.
  • We have worked with a lab assistant at a university in Utah accused of a Title IX violation. Similar to the teacher in North Carolina, all policies were reviewed (including any violations) and we helped him type his correspondence to address the allegations. We were able to successfully have the Title IX allegations dismissed without a hearing.

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