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Compassion is an essential part of our communication with you. Our goal is to spare you suffering and distress. We do everything possible to relieve your pain by using intellect and heart. Empathy and compassion, along with a passion for the law, go hand-in-hand with successful outcomes.

Keith Altman, Esquire


Keith Altman is the founder of K Altman Law, a national law firm that specializes in student defense and complex litigation matters. He is admitted to federal courts in California, Michigan, Maryland, as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. 

Mr. Altman is a member of the Sedona Conference, Working Group 1 (electronic discovery). He is the co-chair and founder of the American Association of Justice Electronic Discovery Litigation Group. He has appeared before the Federal Rules Committee on many relevant issues pertaining to the Federal Bar Association. 


Mr. Altman is a forensic data analysis expert. He is also experienced in matters of pharmacovigilance and safety surveillance in the United States and Canada.

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Kimberly Dodson
Senior Counsel - Litigation
Stanley Kremen
Of Counsel Litigation
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Director of Student Defense
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Student Defense Advisor
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Special Education Advisor
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Senior Attorney
Rebecca Sidders
Director of Special Education Advocacy
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Director of Litigation
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Special Education Advocate
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Of Counsel Litigation
Richard Gill
Managing Director
Tanner Brooks
Sr. Student Defense Advisor
Norah Schumann
Special Education Advocate
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