privacy policy

K Altman Law takes every reasonable precaution, and makes every concerted effort, to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or transmission of personal information regarding our employees, former clients, clients, or other persons to anyone, except as required or permitted by law.  

All visitors to the K Altman Law website understand and acknowledge that any personal information sent to and from K Altman Law electronically may not be protected, secured, or encrypted due to K Altman Law’s inability to guarantee that all servers and networks that share information from K Altman Law are secure.  

The K Altman Law website may gather information that is not personally identifying by using cookies, software applications, and Google Analytics tools to analyze and interpret the webpage traffic associated with K Altman Law. K Altman Law reasonably attempts to protect this information. K Altman Law does not sell or reproduce this information. Only authorized personnel and firm employees analyze this non-personally identifying information.  

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