College Relationship Violation Defense

Universities and colleges utilize their codes of conduct and student handbooks to reduce instances of relationship violence on-campus and off-campus. Institutions of higher learning strive to be places where the community atmosphere is positive and supportive. Violating the student code of conduct at your university or college can negatively affect your academic career and your future professional goals.

Notice of Disciplinary Violation

With regards to notice of disciplinary action, you need to know the following:

  1. The initial step in an investigation concerning relationship violence is the notice of disciplinary violation.
  2. Students may receive this notice in the mail or an email. The accusation will be clearly stated in this document.
  3. You will typically be directed to participate in a hearing. The hearing may be before a board or panel of students and faculty members.
  4. Members of the panel will hear the evidence presented against you and decide if the university should impose sanctions on you.  The consequences will vary depending on the findings made by the board or panel.
  5. Sanctions may include counseling and expulsion.

Retaining a student defense lawyer is the best thing you can do if you are accused of relationship violence. An experienced student defense lawyer can enforce your legal rights and provide you with guidance and assistance.

Relationship Violence Accusations

College is a time when many students are experiencing the reality of adult relationships for the first time in their lives. Not all intimate relationships are healthy, and many students become involved in abusive relationships that lead to violence. Unhealthy relationships are often characterized by emotional, psychological, and verbal abuse. Universities and colleges want to enforce safeguards to help students who are suffering in these destructive relationships.

Relationship violence is a pervasive problem in society, but in college, many students who are naive and impressionable may not be able to recognize when they are involved in an abusive relationship. Dating can quickly turn into a serious relationship, and when combined with the pressures and temptations associated with student life, a relationship can become dangerous. Both partners may commit acts of violence against each other. Universities and colleges typically reprimand both parties under these circumstances.
Partners participating in episodes of reciprocal violence may be accused of violating the student code of conduct. Universities and colleges will sanction students who are found to be responsible for committing acts of relationship violence. These sanctions can range from mandatory counseling and anger management classes to probation, dismissal, and expulsion.

How to Proceed If You Are Facing Allegations of Relationship Violence

Any type of relationship violence allegation has the potential to alter the course of your life. These accusations are serious, and you need to speak with a student defense lawyer as soon as you become aware that you are facing allegations of relationship violence. A skilled student defense lawyer can collect relevant evidence that will help you strengthen your case during a hearing. Also, a knowledgeable student defense lawyer will inform you of actions to take that will benefit your cases, such as altering your course schedule or moving out of an apartment or house you share with roommates.

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