College And University Housing Violations​

Student housing is one of the most fundamental aspects of being an undergraduate student. Being a part of the university community in a dormitory or student apartment means making new friends, being independent, and enjoying your freedom. Life in college can be exhilarating for undergraduate students, particularly freshmen, but many students face code of conduct violations that arise out of activity that occurs in undergraduate residence halls.

Drug Offenses

Student residence halls forbid the use of illegal substances. Students accused of possessing, using, or distributing illegal drugs in residence halls face strict punishments. Many students face unfounded allegations and suffer sanctions that harm their academic careers and their employment prospects.  

Constructive possession is distinguished from actual possession when it comes to ascertaining whether a student did or did not possess a controlled substance. Actual possession means that a student exercised dominion and control over illegal drugs.

For example, a student with drugs inside their pockets is found to be in actual possession of the contraband. Constructive possession means that the student had the opportunity to exercise dominion and control over the illegal substance. A student’s roommate may have drugs in their nightstand, and both students who reside in the dormitory unit may be accused of possessing the illegal substance. 

State criminal charges may be filed against a student who possesses illegal drugs on campus. Being convicted of drug possession can have a profound effect on your future as follows:

  • Losing the ability to take out federal student loans,
  • Preventing employment
  • Having a difficult time gaining admission to graduate school

A skilled and experienced student defense lawyer can represent you during your university disciplinary case and any state charges filed against you. Retaining a knowledgeable student defense lawyer can help you develop a robust case strategy that can influence the outcome of your case.

Housing Policies and Alcohol

Underage consumption of alcohol is prohibited at universities and colleges. However, many students are exposed to alcohol while they are living in university housing. The policies enforced by universities and colleges may lead to false allegations of underage alcohol possession. Students may not be aware that they are in the presence of alcohol when they attend a party in their dormitory. Retaining a student defense lawyer is the best thing you can do if you are being accused of underage possession of alcohol.

Students intermingle throughout different areas of university housing buildings all the time. If a student is in the wrong place at the wrong time, they may be accused of underage alcohol possession. Universities and colleges do not want to be liable for any injuries suffered by students due to underage alcohol consumption, and the university or college is responsible for making sure no underage alcohol consumption occurs inside residence halls or campus buildings. Oftentimes students may not understand why they are facing alcohol possession allegations.

Students also may place alcohol in different containers and this may cause allegations to be levied against entire groups of students in an effort to discover who possessed and consumed alcohol. If you are an undergraduate student facing any allegation regarding underage alcohol consumption, contact K Altman Law today to discover how you can defend yourself and protect your academic career.

Housing Policies at Universities and Colleges

Campus housing must be regulated to ensure that students and resident assistants are safe and able to complete their academic work. Most students, however, are unaware of the precise regulations that govern their behavior while inside a dormitory or residence hall. Students may be unaware they have violated the university housing policy. The sanctions imposed for violating university housing policies include as follows:

  • Suspension
  • Scholarship revocation
  • Disciplinary sanctions that can jeopardize their academic career and employment prospects

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Contact K Altman Law if you are facing university housing policy violations. The dedicated team of professionals at K Altman Law has decades of experience assisting students facing university housing policy violations. Retaining an experienced student defense lawyer can help you protect your academic career and your prospective employment opportunities. Contact K Altman Law today to schedule a consultation.

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