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K Altman Law:
Your Trusted Partner for Title IX Advocacy

If you’re dealing with Title IX matters, K. Altman Law is your crew. Attorneys Keith Altman and Nikki Camiso bring heaps of experience, covering everything from K-12 to higher education cases. They’re skilled in mediation, arbitration, and trial proceedings, committed to equality and fairness. They’re the squad you want in your corner for Title IX battles. They’re there to protect you right and help you score a win.

What Is Title IX?

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits gender-based discrimination in any education program or activity receiving federal funding. Since 1972, Title IX has been significantly impacting educational settings, making sure everyone, regardless of their gender, gets a fair chance in all areas of education. Title IX not only ensures gender equity in athletic programs but also deals with sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools and universities. Title IX is key in promoting a safe and equitable educational environment by mandating schools to provide equal opportunities and protections to all students and educational professionals, allowing them to speak out if they witness or experience discrimination or harassment.

Steps Involved in a Title IX Case

Title IX proceedings in educational institutions involve handling sex-based discrimination complaints, including sexual harassment and sexual assault. The process starts when someone files a Title IX complaint, and then the school’s Title IX office assesses the complaint to see if it fits under Title IX. If it does, a Title IX investigation starts where the required evidence is gathered, like, texts, emails and statements, and a live hearing is held. Both the person who complained (the complainant) and the one accused (the respondent) get to have advisors, maybe even lawyers, to help them out. During the hearing, both sides get to tell their story and present evidence and witnesses. After that, the decision is made by a panel, with sanctions varying from campus restrictions to expulsion. If someone’s not happy with the decision, they can appeal. This process can change depending on the current federal policies [Link to who administers TItle IX in the background page].

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Know Your Rights Under Title IX

Under Title IX, students have the right to a fair and supportive learning environment free from gender-based discrimination and harassment. If you’re accused of any type of sexual misconduct, due process means you should be clearly informed about the accusation, and get a fair chance to tell your side of the story, a fair investigation, a decision based on evidence, and an opportunity to appeal if you’re not satisfied with the decision.

Misconceptions often arise regarding these rights. That’s why it’s important to seek legal advice and understand the disciplinary process. At K Altman Law, our student defense team can take you through the whole process of your Title IX case, helps you understand your school’s policies and your rights and responsibilities in this matter, offering guidance from initial legal consultation to hearing representation.

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Clients' Stories

Securing justice for a student falsely accused (Respondent)

Facing allegations of sexual assault, our client’s mental health had deteriorated and he saw little chance that he could successfully defend himself. There were no witnesses to the incident and no solid evidence to exonerate him. However, our scrutiny of the complainant’s allegations found them to be purely circumstantial and without basis. Our evaluation of the supposed evidence and close examination of her contradictory claims throughout the investigation showed that her story was unreliable and did not meet the standard of proof. Our attorney’s cross-examination during the hearing uncovered her lies and resulted in a decision that our client was innocent. The accuser then appealed the outcome and the decision was overturned. We fought back and brought the school’s attorney into the matter to revoke the unsubstantiated decision and assess due process violations. After almost nine months of defending our client, the Title IX Coordinator found that the decision was flawed and overturned the finding of guilt.

Achieving justice for a victim of Title IX (Complainant)

Our client, a Freshman Nursing major at a small Midwestern college, reached out to us for support after filing a Title IX complaint against a classmate who sexually assaulted her at a party. She was deeply troubled by the attack and faced ongoing fear for her safety. The firm immediately acted to ensure a no-contact order was in place to protect her from her attacker, whose legal representation was aggressively fighting the charges. From initial interview and lengthy investigation to the final hearing, we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her through interview coaching and analysis of the investigator’s reports to reveal holes in the attacker’s story and expose his lies. We won the case and were successful in fighting the attacker’s appeal, resulting in a finding of guilt and sanctions that held him accountable.


Areas of Expertise

Attorneys For Sexual Assault and Harassment

Title IX attorneys represent victims of sexual assault and harassment, ensuring their rights are upheld within educational institutions. At K Altman Law, our team provides compassionate and expert representation for such victims, dedicated to ensuring justice is served and safe educational environments are maintained. Trust us to champion your rights and safeguard your educational experience.

Gender Equity Cases

Title IX Gender Equity Attorneys specialize in ensuring fairness and compliance with the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. At K Altman Law, our expert attorneys are dedicated to upholding these crucial principles, offering thorough guidance to protect your institution’s reputation and enforce equal opportunities. Rely on our specialized knowledge to navigate the complexities of gender equity law.

Protecting Rights of Transgender Students

Title IX attorneys play a crucial role in upholding the rights of transgender students, ensuring their equal access to education as mandated by law. At K Altman Law, we are dedicated to championing these rights, offering proficient legal support to safeguard inclusivity and equality. Trust our commitment to protect every student’s right to a safe and supportive educational environment.

Gender-based Discrimination Victims in STEM Fields

Title IX attorneys play a pivotal role in representing victims of gender-based discrimination in STEM fields, ensuring their rights are upheld under federal law. At K Altman Law, our dedicated team provides comprehensive legal support to these victims, advocating for equal opportunities in education and career advancement. We stand against discrimination, championing justice and inclusivity in STEM.

Pregnant and Parenting Students

Title IX attorneys play a crucial role in protecting the rights of pregnant and parenting students, ensuring they receive equal educational opportunities as mandated by federal law. At K Altman Law, we excel in providing expert legal counsel in this area, helping institutions uphold these vital protections. Trust us to navigate the intricacies of Title IX and safeguard the rights of all students.

Protecting LGBTQ+ Student Rights

Title IX attorneys play a pivotal role in safeguarding LGBTQ+ student rights by ensuring education institutions adhere to non-discrimination policies. At K Altman Law, we’re committed to upholding these rights, providing robust legal defense and advocacy for LGBTQ+ students under Title IX. We believe in fostering safe, inclusive, and equitable educational environments.

Sexual Violence and Harassment Cases of K-12 Students

Title IX attorneys play a pivotal role in protecting K-12 students from sexual violence and harassment, ensuring schools uphold their duty to provide a safe educational environment. At K Altman Law, we specialize in these cases, advocating for students’ rights and helping schools navigate Title IX complexities. Trust our dedicated team to safeguard your students’ well-being and your institution’s reputation.

Representing Women in Hiring and Promotion Cases

Title IX attorneys play a crucial role in representing women in hiring and promotion cases, ensuring equal opportunities and preventing sex discrimination. K Altman Law stands at the forefront of this fight, advocating for fairness in the educational workplace. Trust in our expertise to fiercely defend your rights and strive for equality in all aspects of employment.

Protecting Disability Rights in Education Under Title IX

Title IX attorneys play a crucial role in protecting disability rights in education, ensuring equal opportunities and preventing discrimination. K Altman Law, proficient in Title IX complexities, is committed to upholding these rights, providing expert counsel for institutions. Trust us to safeguard your school’s reputation while promoting inclusivity and equal access in education.

Helping Resident Assistants

Leading Title IX attorneys like those at K Altman Law are essential for guiding Resident Assistants through the complexities of Title IX. Our team provides expert counsel on compliance, prevention of discrimination, and understanding of residents’ rights. Rely on us to ensure the safe, inclusive environment that every student deserves.

Protecting Rights of ROTC Students

At K Altman Law, we are seasoned Title IX attorneys dedicated to safeguarding the rights of ROTC students. We provide expert legal counsel to prevent sex discrimination and uphold equal opportunities in ROTC programs. Trust in our commitment to fairness, justice, and federal compliance.

Protecting Rights of Female Athletes

Title IX attorneys play a crucial role in protecting the rights of female athletes, ensuring equal access and preventing gender discrimination in sports. At K Altman Law, our attorneys are skilled in the nuances of Title IX as it pertains to athletics, offering expert legal guidance to safeguard these rights. Trust us to champion equality and fairness in female sports, maintaining your institution’s compliance with federal laws.

Meet the Attorneys

Keith Altman, Esquire

Founder – Lead Attorney
Keith Altman, the compassionate and dedicated founder of K Altman Law, guides a national law firm that fervently champions the cause of student defense and intricate litigation issues. His exceptional legal prowess has earned him admission to federal courts across California, Michigan, Maryland, the esteemed U.S. Court of Appeals, and even the United States Supreme Court.

With a deep understanding and an empathetic approach, Mr. Altman has carved out a strong niche in the field of Title IX matters. He has diligently stood by both complainants and respondents, ensuring their voices are heard and justice served. His valuable work spans both the K-12 and university levels, highlighting his commitment to supporting individuals dealing with Title IX matters at various stages of their educational journey.

Nikki Camiso, Esquire

Senior Attorney
Nikki Camiso, with a heart deeply rooted in advocating for student rights, is K. Altman Law’s dedicated Student Defense attorney. Her distinguished career spans nearly two decades, a testament to her enduring commitment as a trial attorney. She has championed the rights of students at every educational phase – from their earliest years, through graduate school, and up to their professional pursuits in medical and law schools.

With her extensive experience, she has become a beacon of hope for clients at all stages of mediation and arbitration. Her invaluable skills not only embody the essence of our student defense practice, but also provide a comforting presence for those seeking justice in their educational journey.


Who We Represent

K Altman Law offers nationwide legal representation in Title IX cases for complainants, respondents, as well as teachers and staff in educational institutions. Their expertise covers a broad range of scenarios within Title IX, ensuring comprehensive legal support across the United States.

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