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Student Story Category: Title IX

Our client, a Freshman Nursing major at a small Midwestern college, reached out to us for support after filing a Title IX complaint against a classmate who sexually assaulted her at a party.
Facing allegations of sexual assault, our client’s mental health had deteriorated and he saw little chance that he could successfully defend himself.
We recently worked with a student-athlete whose roommate falsely accused him of violating school rules. The allegations were false, and the school investigated the matter and charged our client improperly.
Our client was facing allegations of sexual harassment and reached out to us for assistance. He was attending a summer session, and one of the other students made false allegations. Our team reviewed all the documents associated with the matter.
Our client was a victim of non-consensual sexual intercourse during the first year of her undergraduate career. She suffered a traumatic experience and needed someone by her side to support her in the legal process, especially someone who could take into consideration her sensitive situation.
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