Helping a student-athlete falsely accused of a Title IX violation

We recently worked with a student-athlete whose roommate falsely accused him of violating school rules. The allegations were false, and the school investigated the matter and charged our client improperly. The school had failed to follow its own Title IX policies. When investigating the matter, the school tried to use a different set of policies. Our review of the matter clearly showed that they should have been handled differently and under Title IX guidelines. This meant that the steps taken by the school were in error and there had been multiple procedural errors. We quickly pointed these issues out to the school, and with our help, the client was able to get the initial Title IX charges dismissed because of the multiple due process violations from the school. We were able to draft an agreement with the school that protected our client’s rights and to get the offenses removed. Due to our efforts, the client could transfer to a different school and keep his athletic eligibility.

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