Securing a just decision for a graduate student who was falsely accused of sexual harassment

Our client was facing allegations of sexual harassment and reached out to us for assistance. He was attending a summer session, and one of the other students made false allegations. Our team reviewed all the documents associated with the matter. We reviewed witness statements, emails, and multiple other documents. It was clear from our review that our client did nothing wrong and that the complainant was blaming their failure on our client. We helped him prepare for his initial interview with the school by reviewing documents and interviewing him. Based on our extensive experience, we helped him craft an opening statement and did an extensive review of possible questions he would face. We also reviewed the evidence and assisted in providing responses to the allegations. We helped him throughout the Title IX process and prepared him for the hearing by conducting practice sessions. At the hearing, we served as his advisor. We cross-examined the complaint and multiple witnesses. We showed that our client was not responsible and addressed the complainant’s credibility. Because of our efforts, he was found to be not responsible. The complainant appealed that decision, and we helped him prepare his appeal. The result was confirmation of the decision to find him not responsible.

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