Heading Off To College​

Beginning your academic career at a university or college is one of the first opportunities you will have to experience the freedom and responsibility of living by yourself. You may travel hundreds or thousands of miles to attend a school far from your home state. Also, you may be staying close to home and attending a nearby university of college. Regardless of how far away you are from home, you will experience the liberating sensation of living on your own for the first time in your life. Although you will have roommates, you will not be told when to go have dinner, or do your laundry, or go to sleep. Dormitory resident assistants will likely be your closest authority figures. Freshmen often feel overwhelmed when they first arrive on campus. Some students may not understand how the student code of conduct regulates their behavior, and they may find themselves facing academic or disciplinary sanctions. You may not understand where to turn for help when you are facing allegations of academic misconduct or behavioral misconduct. It may also be difficult for you to determine what your options are as you attempt to resolve the issues you are facing.

Students entering universities and colleges as freshman may not understand the gravity of their responsibilities as undergraduate students. Unlike secondary schools, universities and colleges take academic violations seriously, and they are tasked with upholding the academic integrity of the institution. Students who commit acts of academic misconduct often face suspension, dismissal, or expulsion. A record of the suspension, dismissal, or expulsion will also remain as a permanent notation on the student’s academic record. Students may also face Title IX investigations for behavioral misconduct related to their interactions with classmates, faculty members, and staff. Students need to know how their university or college defines cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic misconduct. Being unaware of the provisions contained in the student code of conduct is not an excuse for violating those provisions.

We offer guidance, assistance, and exceptional legal representation to students who face allegations of academic misconduct and behavioral misconduct. Whether it is a Title IX investigation, a student code of conduct violation, or other accusations made by a university, college, or secondary school, we will be there to protect your legal rights and defend you. Contact K Altman Law today at (888) 984-1341 to learn more about the legal services we offer.

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