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Title IX and STEM

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the gender disparities that exist in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Despite efforts to encourage and support gender minorities in these fields, gender-based discrimination and harassment remain significant obstacles to their success. Title IX, a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs and activities, provides a powerful tool for combating this discrimination. However, navigating the legal system can be challenging, especially for students who may feel intimidated or overwhelmed. That’s where K Altman Law comes in. As experienced Title IX attorneys, we can provide much-needed support and representation to victims of gender-based discrimination in STEM fields.

Pervasive Title IX issues in STEM fields

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational institutions that receive federal funding. While Title IX applies to all areas of education, including STEM fields, there are several common issues that are particularly prevalent in these fields.

Unequal Treatment

Women in STEM may be treated differently than their male counterparts in terms of access to resources, opportunities for advancement, and compensation. For example, they may be denied opportunities to participate in research projects or be passed over for leadership positions. Women may also receive lower compensation for the same work or be expected to perform administrative duties that are not required of their male fellows.


Sexual harassment is a serious and all-too-common problem in many STEM fields. This can take many forms, including unwanted advances, inappropriate comments, and sexual assault. Women in STEM may also face hostile or intimidating environments, which can interfere with their ability to learn and perform well in their fields.


Students who report discrimination or harassment may face retaliation from their peers or even from faculty and administrators who are responsible for investigating and resolving Title IX complaints. This can take many forms, including negative evaluations, exclusion from research projects, and even physical threats.

Lack of Support

Students who experience discrimination or harassment may feel isolated and unsupported, especially if they are the only woman or minorities in their field. This can lead to decreased confidence, lower grades, and even dropping out of their programs.

Inadequate Policies and Procedures

Some STEM departments may lack effective policies and procedures for addressing Title IX complaints, leaving victims without a clear path for seeking justice and redress. In some cases, faculty and administrators may even discourage students from reporting incidents of discrimination or harassment, or fail to take their complaints seriously.

Bias in Research and Academic Content

Women in STEM fields may also face bias in research and academic content, with studies and curricula that are designed primarily from a male perspective. This can lead to a lack of attention to issues that are particularly relevant to women and can contribute to a sense of exclusion and marginalization.

How can K Altman Law help?

At K Altman Law, we specialize in representing victims of gender-based discrimination and harassment in STEM fields. We understand the unique challenges that these students face, and we are committed to helping them overcome these issues. Here’s how we can help:

Legal Representation

We provide expert legal representation to victims of discrimination and harassment, helping them navigate the complex legal system and seek justice for the harm they have suffered. We can help clients file Title IX complaints, negotiate with university administrators and legal counsel, and represent them in court if necessary.


We are passionate advocates for our clients’ rights, working tirelessly to ensure that their voices are heard, and their needs are met. We can help clients develop strategies for addressing discrimination and harassment, including identifying supportive resources and allies, and developing plans for self-care and emotional support.


We offer personalized guidance and support to clients throughout the Title IX process, helping them understand their options, navigate complex legal procedures, and make informed decisions about how to proceed. We can also help clients understand their legal rights and responsibilities under Title IX and provide guidance on how to document incidents of discrimination or harassment.


We work to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions, helping clients seek redress and compensation for the harm they have suffered. We can also help clients identify systemic issues within their institutions that may be contributing to discrimination and harassment, and work to effect change at the policy level.

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