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Providing Legal services across the United States

K Altman Law is a full-service law firm offering legal representation to clients throughout the United States. With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we navigate the complexities of the law, providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Although the firm handles a variety of legal matters, four primary practice areas constitute the majority of cases at the K Altman Law: student defense, special education, Title IX and civil rights. We pride ourselves on zealously representing our clients and offering them support and guidance at every stage from intake to case resolution. Our commitment to justice knows no bounds. Wherever you are in the nation, K Altman Law is here to serve you.

Defending Educational Rights: Expertise in Student Defense and Title IX

At K Altman Law, we’ve brought together a distinguished team of academics, legal experts, and advisors, each with extensive experience in representing students facing accusations of academic misconduct and violations of student codes of conduct. Our deep understanding of higher education institutions positions us to achieve favorable results for our clients, including K-12 students, undergraduates, and graduate students requiring assistance with their cases.

Defending Your Guaranteed Civil Rights

Moreover, our skilled litigators specialize in Title IX cases, representing both students and faculty members who have been accused of violations. Respondents in these cases are entitled to specific rights, such as notice of allegations, a clearly defined standard of proof, live hearings, and the right to an advisor. Title IX also ensures that respondents are afforded due process.

At K Altman Law, we stand steadfast in our commitment to defend those accused of Title IX violations, vigorously upholding their rights and fighting for justice on their behalf. Whether you’re facing academic challenges or are a party to a Title IX investigation, we’re here to advocate for you with expertise and compassion.

The United States Constitution and each individual state constitution guarantees specific civil rights for citizens. If you were deprived of your civil rights, you need a zealous advocate who is unafraid to assert your civil rights claims. K Altman Law offers exceptional legal representation if you are seeking a skilled civil litigation lawyer.



Marni Lanham
We had the pleasure of working with Ms Schumann for our child’s Special Education needs and suffice it to say that we are grateful and happy with the services that we have received.She competent and cares about her clients. Working with K Altman Law over all was a great experience, and I will not hesitate to avail of their services again should the need arises.


Judi Galindo

K Altman Law was very helpful during a very difficult time I inquired with the university where I am enrolled. It was stressful and I did not think I was going to be able to complete my degree. If it was not for them I would have lost close to $100,000 and 7 years invested in my doctorate.


Kevin Stevenson

My daughter was in a very difficult position at a crucial point in her educational journey.

The school did not seem interested in trying to understand what happened in my daughter’s situation, and was preparing to move her through a bureaucratic process, checking boxes, sending letters, and moving her out of the school. This would have ended her educational journey in her chosen field. We faced a choice: try to navigate this process on our own, hoping we could use logic and reason with the school during their process, or consult an attorney. After some research, we decided to engage KAltman Law. They were inspiring, confident, and clear from the start. The firm calmly guided us in a very professional but caring way. Looking back now, I see no possible way we could have navigated this on our own. Special thanks to Ashley and to Keith.

I recommend KAltman to anyone having difficulties with their school. My further advice is don’t wait, don’t drag your feet, time is not on your side when you are dealing with the school.


Mayra gamez

My experience with the K. Altman law group was excellent! Not only did my advocate support me throughout the ordeal with my school, but she was also available for meetings that my school suggested. She provided me excellent support by listening to me and guiding me through the process. Once my school was alerted that I hired an advocate, they quickly made it possible for me to get what I needed without having to push my graduation date for my master’s program. I am forever grateful for Ashley and the entire law group. Without her support I wouldn’t be graduating in December of this year. Thank you so much for all your help!


Chanu Badwal

Mr Keith and Tim at Kaltman Law have been very detailed and supportive with our son’s situation with the med school. They fought for above and beyond to overturn the dismissal with successful acceptance for my son to bring back into the school. I would sure recommend Kaltman Law to anyone seeking help with med school dismissal or discrimination. Thank you Keith and Tim.


Maegan Culp

I cannot thank this team enough for the kind, compassionate care they took in helping me with my case. Tanner Brooks, in particular, was exceptional, and not only helped me with the legal aspects of the case but also took the time to make sure I was doing okay individually. So thankful for their help in getting a positive outcome! I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs help with academic institutions!


Keith Altman, Esquire

Keith Altman is the founder of K Altman Law, a national law firm that specializes in student defense and complex litigation matters. He is admitted to federal courts in California, Michigan, Maryland, as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.
Mr. Altman is a member of the Sedona Conference, Working Group 1 (electronic discovery). He is the co-chair and founder of the American Association of Justice Electronic Discovery Litigation Group. He has appeared before the Federal Rules Committee on many relevant issues pertaining to the Federal Bar Association.
Mr. Altman is a forensic data analysis expert. He is also experienced in matters of pharmacovigilance and safety surveillance in the United States and Canada.

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At K Altman Law Firm, we don’t just represent clients, we empathize with their pain. Recognizing the personal struggles in each legal challenge, our approach is grounded in compassion and deep understanding. This bridges the gap between attorney and client, forging a partnership beyond the traditional legal connection. Our passion and commitment reflect both professional dedication and personal investment in well-being and justice. With K Altman Law Firm, you gain not merely a legal advocate, but a partner determined to make things right.

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We believe in working hand in hand with our clients. We take the time to understand each client’s unique situation, meticulously presenting the facts, and engaging in thoughtful discussions to determine the best approach. By maintaining open communication and prioritizing our clients’ interests, we aim for not just a favorable outcome but the best outcome. It’s a shared journey towards justice, where the voice and vision of those we represent are integral to our practice. That’s the collaborative commitment you can expect from K Altman Law Firm.

Our Goal:
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Our mission goes beyond legal representation; it is driven by a profound commitment to fairness, integrity, and the principles of justice. We understand that each case represents a person’s life, rights, and dignity, and we approach our work with the compassion and dedication that such responsibility demands.  Our goal is ensuring that justice is not just pursued but served. It’s not just about winning cases; it’s about making a difference in the lives of those who entrust their legal concerns to us. That’s the K Altman Law Firm promise.





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