“My kid didn’t do anything wrong” Keith Altman Talks about his Client in Cass City Schools Lawsuit

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Keith Altman talks to media about the Cass City Schools Lawsuit

Attorney Keith Altman – a prominent U.S. attorney known for his fierce advocacy and notable legal victories, representing a Tuscola County family, has successfully filed a four-count civil lawsuit against the Cass City school district. This comes after the family’s teenage son was expelled due to an alleged threat, which Altman insists was a misinterpreted statement. The expulsion happened in the aftermath of the November 2021 Oxford High School shooting, during which many schools faced numerous threats. Altman’s client allegedly mentioned the Oxford shooter carrying a gun in his bag, which was overheard and misreported as him claiming to have a gun in his bag.

Altman in his interview with abc12 news on the Cass City School Lawsuit:

“This kid was crucified over this misperceived statement”

Despite a state police investigation verifying that nothing had happened by searching the student’s bag and belongings , the student was expelled for 180 days.

Attorney Keith Altman, leading the legal charge against the school district, claims that his client’s expulsion was a disproportionate response that lacked due process. Altman argues that the student was unfairly penalized without an adequate investigation into the alleged incident. He believes that this precipitous action violated the student’s right to a fair hearing and negatively impacted their academic future and led to emotional distress.


“The principal of the school was encouraging the students to discuss Oxford specifically”

The lawsuit seeks to challenge the expulsion, demanding that the student be reinstated and the incident be expunged from their record. The family hopes that their case will shed light on the need for a fair and comprehensive disciplinary process in schools that respects students’ rights.

Critics of the lawsuit argue that schools must have the autonomy to act swiftly to maintain safety. However, Altman and his client counter that such actions should not come at the expense of a student’s rights.

Cass City Schools have yet to comment on the ongoing litigation. This lawsuit could potentially trigger a broader debate about the balance between school safety and students’ rights, setting a precedent for how disciplinary actions are handled. The outcome is expected to have far-reaching implications for students, educators, and school administrators alike.

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