Securing justice for a student falsely accused (Respondent)

Facing allegations of sexual assault, our client’s mental health had deteriorated and he saw little chance that he could successfully defend himself. There were no witnesses to the incident and no solid evidence to exonerate him. However, our scrutiny of the complainant’s allegations found them to be purely circumstantial and without basis. Our evaluation of the supposed evidence and close examination of her contradictory claims throughout the investigation showed that her story was unreliable and did not meet the standard of proof. Our attorney’s cross-examination during the hearing uncovered her lies and resulted in a decision that our client was innocent. The accuser then appealed the outcome and the decision was overturned. We fought back and brought the school’s attorney into the matter to revoke the unsubstantiated decision and assess due process violations. After almost nine months of defending our client, the Title IX Coordinator found that the decision was flawed and overturned the finding of guilt

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