A master’s degree and her health both at risk, but both out of the student’s control

Our client endured a flood of health complications over a period of six months. She had to manage her declining health while recovering from surgery and completing her coursework for her master’s degree program. Many members of the faculty were understanding and did their best to accommodate her circumstances. But she faced resistance from a few professors, resulting in unwarranted failing grades rather than the appropriate “Incomplete” grade. We communicated with the school about her struggle to juggle her health, her grades, and job-searching. We explained to the school our client’s difficulties as well as her diligent efforts to submit assignments on time or as soon as possible given her circumstances. After several communications between the school and our client, with our team on her side, our client received her “Incompletes.” Our client successfully completed the necessary coursework to finish her degree and begin her new job.

Large Public University, Southeastern US
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