Student with one year left to graduate, third academic offense, facing one year suspension

Our client was accused of academic misconduct at the end of the fall semester before his last year in school. As this was his third academic misconduct offense, our client was facing the possibility of a one-year suspension from his public university. Our client received a letter informing him that his suspension would begin immediately, i.e., in the following spring semester, with an opportunity to appeal. Our team read the university’s code of conduct rules and identified a technicality that allowed our client to continue attending classes during the appeal process. The appeal did not occur until two months after the spring semester already began. Without our team’s thorough reading and understanding of the university’s rules and code of conduct, our client would have been a month behind other students. Due to a violation of his due process rights, our client had the negative notation on his transcript removed, and the academic violation was erased from his student record.

Small Public Research University, Rocky Mountains Area
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