Student dismissed then faces conflict of interest in appeal but receives a second chance

The assistant dean of the audiology doctoral program incorrectly and inappropriately gave our client a failing grade in a clinical class, despite positive recommendations from the instructors who worked most closely with the students. Our client received no warning about his academic status, especially when this failing grade put his position in the program in jeopardy. The committee reviewing his appeal included the husband of the assistant dean, whose decision was on appeal. Our client received a new hearing based on the clear conflict of interest. We also advised our client to receive a new diagnosis for his learning disability, which had not been previously reported to the school. With his diagnosis for an ADA-based disability, we were able to form a stronger case for our client to demonstrate his new approach to learning, legitimizing his readmission and his desire to succeed if readmitted. Our work with the client allowed him the opportunity for a second chance.

Small Private University, Northeastern US
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