Physician Assistant Student Dismissal Overturned Quickly

The university dismissed our client from the physician assistant studies program with little notice to our client. Our client felt the effects of COVID-19 when she began her program with online classes, isolation, and financial hardships. Her first year in the program was full of difficulties which affected her academic success. After returning to in-person learning, her grades and finances both improved. Despite having previously been told she would only be on academic probation, our client was informed that instead she would be dismissed from the program. We pushed the school to find an alternative consequence for her academic failure, such as tuition reimbursement or immediate readmission to the program. Our responsive team worked quickly to ensure that our client would not suffer loss of finances, time, or education due to an overwhelming situation. In the end, our client was readmitted to her physician assistant studies program and received tuition reimbursement payment via credit for the following academic year.

Small Private Graduate Research University, Western US
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