Student accused of academic dishonesty twice in one semester, both instances reversed

Our client was found in violation of his university’s student code of conduct late into the fall semester of the final year of his undergraduate career. Upon receiving notice of our client’s suspension, we worked with him to appeal the severity of the sanction based on his ADA-based disability, which was a significant factor for his behavior. Working closely with our client’s family, we successfully reduced his sanction, and our client was still eligible to graduate after the spring semester. In his spring semester, there was a second finding of academic dishonesty, which was a more difficult fight. But we were resilient and persistent about ensuring that the university would accommodate our client’s disability according to the ADA and section 504 laws. Ultimately, our client was found not guilty of this second honor code violation, and he had the opportunity to graduate with the rest of his class.

Small Private Liberal Arts College, Southeastern US
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