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Being accused of sexual misconduct is an alarming experience. You may not know the origins of the allegations. It is more than likely that a person you are close to made the Title IX allegations. Under Title IX, you must undergo an investigation. If you are found guilty, you may face severe penalties. Suspension and expulsion are the two most common sanctions enforced against those found to have committed sexual misconduct. Also, you may face public shame and ridicule even if you are found not to have committed sexual misconduct.  

It’s important that you remain calm and focused if you discover you are facing allegations regarding a Title IX violation. Remember that you should focus on taking one step at a time throughout the Title IX process. The following are some of the things you should do if you are accused of a Title IX violation. 

Maintain Your Normal Life 

You need to focus on staying calm and relaxed during this stressful time in your life. You should try to seek medical treatment if you are experiencing severe depression or anxiety. It is also important to maintain a regular routine. Attend class, play sports, and enjoy the hobbies you had before you were the subject of a Title IX investigation.  

Stay in contact with family and friends while you are going through the Title IX process. Supportive people can help you think long-term about the Title IX action and the importance of your education.  

Speaking With Witnesses 

Create a list of potential witnesses who may be able to help you and your student defense lawyer. Both character witnesses and fact witnesses may be helpful during Title IX cases. Fact witnesses recall first-hand accounts of what occurred during a specific place and time. Even second-hand accounts are permissible in Title IX cases. A witness who only heard about a fact may testify.  

Character witnesses testify regarding a party’s reputation and behavior. An individual who has known you for a long period of time will be a good character witness. It is important to identify any witnesses who may contribute to your Title IX case.  

Collecting Evidence 

Do not take it upon yourself to investigate every aspect of your Title IX case. You can take steps to make sure you have a robust defensive strategy regarding the allegations you are facing.  

Collect any items of physical evidence concerning the events related to your Title IX case. You should also collect documentary evidence related to the Title IX investigation. Examples of important items of evidence include video recordings, photographs, and articles of clothing.  

You should not destroy evidence out of fear that it will harm your case. A student defense lawyer can help you determine which items of evidence will be useful to your case. You can keep a journal that describes how the Title IX case is affecting you. Also, consider writing down a timeline and list of facts regarding your case.  

Do Not Speak to the Complainant

Do not speak to the complainant under any circumstances. Universities and colleges typically demand that the complainant and respondent not communicate during the Title IX investigation. Although you may want to speak with the complainant, you must refrain from contacting them. Do not call, text, or otherwise communicate with the complainant in your Title IX case.  

You cannot assume that the person who asserted a Title IX complaint against you is trustworthy. The complainant may accuse you of harassment if you contact them. A complainant may even request a no-contact order to prevent you from even being physically near them. Do not send messages to the complainant through other people, and do not speak to the complainant on social media applications.  

Do Not Speak to Others 

Speak to your family and a close friend about the Title IX investigation, but no one else. Speak with your student defense lawyer before you contact anyone about your Title IX case. You should not discuss the facts of your case with anyone except your student defense lawyer, your parents, and a close friend.  

You may believe that the university or college you attend will help you, but it is important for you to realize that the university or college will protect its own interests. Do not speak to the school or the media. A student defense lawyer will help you deal with every aspect of your Title IX case.  

Talk to a Student Defense Lawyer

If you are being investigated under Title IX, it is important to retain an experienced student defense lawyer as soon as possible. Title IX cases involve many different parties and legal issues. By retaining a skilled student defense lawyer, you are doing the best thing for your academic career and your future.  

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