Student with Intellectual Disability and Autism Suspended Indefinitely

An eight-year-old boy diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability and Autism exhibited aggressive behaviors toward staff and peers. In February, the family received notice that he was suspended indefinitely and could not return to school. The educational advocate reviewed all special education documents and notice of all suspensions for the current school year. It was noted that the student was close to ten suspension days. The advocate and family sent an email pointing out that the student was under the change in placement provision due to suspension. An IEP meeting was scheduled, and the student was returned to school immediately. At the IEP meeting, the advocate requested a revised school day for the student and a referral to an approved, private placement that specializes in the student’s individualized needs. The IEP team agreed to the revised school day, with specialized transportation, and completed three referrals to approved private placements. The student has acceptance to the new placement and has begun attending school under an agreed-upon revised day. A free and appropriate education has been restored.

Charles County, Maryland
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