Medical school student in need of support, proves his potential

After a pattern of academic probation and successful remediation, our client continued to struggle in his academics. The medical school dismissed our client after a year and a half for failure to make academic progress. The school’s greatest concern was that our client was not prepared to receive his medical board certification. Prior to medical school, our client had never failed a class. But when he no longer had access to the necessary medications to treat his ADA-based disability, his academic performance in medical school suffered. We guided our client through the appeal process and read through the student handbook where we found that he could meet with the president of the school in a one-on-one interview. We prepared our client for the interview so he could demonstrate his clear ability to be successful as a medical professional with the right support. With a successful appeal, our client returned to school and continued on the track to passing his medical board certification.

Small Private Medical School, Southeastern US
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