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If you are wondering what to do if your school fails to offer reasonable disability accommodations, then contact our team at K Altman Law right away. Our Farmington Hills, MI academic accommodations lawyer knows that every school has a duty to disabled students to offer an accessible learning environment that is safe. When an institution fails to maintain this responsibility, students can take action for justice. If you are dealing with a situation like this, please contact us today so we can get started. Oftentimes, simply having a lawyer’s representation in the matter can prompt schools to quickly address the issue so no further claims are initiated against them. 

Requirements of School Institutions

Before you can hold a school accountable for not providing reasonable accommodations, you have to know what is required of that institution. By law, schools have to adjust and make exceptions whenever necessary for disabled students. If a school fails to do that, you can file a civil rights complaint. Keep a copy of all correspondence you have with the school that outlines your requests for accommodations and other evidence that shows a violation. Depending on the investigation results, our dedicated Michigan academic accommodations lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to hold them accountable for discrimination. We are committed to getting students justice for the way that discriminatory educational facilities act. For a case evaluation, please reach out as soon as you can. 

Identifying Lack of Reasonable Accommodation

Federal law mandates that every school provides accommodations to students that are reasonable based on the type of need. If the school does not, this can be a violation of the student’s rights. You may not be sure if what you have seen or are dealing with is in fact against the law. If you suspect that your school failed to give you an accommodation, document it with evidence. Examples of reasonable accommodations that must be offered to disabled students include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: 

  • Note sharing
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Course substitutions
  • Alternative assignments
  • Priority seating
  • Recorded lectures
  • Use of technology
  • Extended time for in-class assignments
  • Extended testing time
  • Breaks during exams
  • Proctored independent testing
  • Early registration

How We Can Help

Students who are discriminated against at school or don’t receive the accommodations they need may have grounds to file a lawsuit against that educational institution. Our Farmington Hills attorney understands that a situation like this can be frustrating and emotional. Every person deserves to have their needs provided for so they can succeed. If you are struggling with a situation like this, please contact K Altman Law. We take pride in helping those who don’t feel seen get the accommodation or justice they are searching for so the offense is resolved. We can begin by going over what has happened during a consultation, where we can answer your questions and offer individualized guidance at that time.

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