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At K Altman Law, we offer legal representation to undergraduate students, graduate students, and professional students. We have been using our knowledge to assist clients for decades, working with faculty members, students, and universities. Our Farmington Hills, MI education lawyer helps students defend themselves when they face issues related to conduct, student codes, honor code violations, and more. We have worked with students all across the country who have been accused of Title IX misconduct, assault, and harassment. Our team includes both legal professionals and educators who can come to the aid of students, employees, and faculty members who are facing serious allegations. If you need assistance, please do not let more time go by. We are ready to offer counsel. 

Student Defense Lawyers

We represent students all across the nation who have been accused of offenses. We review the policies and provisions enforced by universities and colleges. We know how to make sure that these educational institutions are adhering to their procedures about student misconduct allegations. Regardless of where you are located within the United States, we can offer seasoned legal guidance at a difficult time. Our Michigan education attorney can work with you to protect and assert your rights while building a strong defense. If you are dealing with an allegation of some kind and are looking for a team you can defend on, look no further. We are ready to speak with you.

Protecting Educational Professionals

When a teacher is accused of an offense, it can immediately tarnish their reputation even if their name is cleared. While it is supposed to be that someone is innocent until proven guilty, sometimes it seems that the opposite is actually true. It may be assumed that the accused is guilty from the start, and then they have to try and prove their innocence. When educational professionals have an allegation against them, it often starts with an investigation by the employer or school district. The investigation may entail evidence, talking with witnesses, and scrutinized presented facts. Once a determination is made, then the teacher will endure disciplinary acts or termination from their employment. A teacher has the right to receive in written form a notification of the charges against them, and then are permitted to respond. During the hearing, the teacher and opposition will have a chance to speak their side and show evidence that supports their claims. We are well aware that situations like these can be all too overwhelming. Let us come to your side. 

K Altman Law

Whether you are a teacher or student who is facing allegations, please know that you do not have to go about this alone. Our Farmington Hills education attorney understands what is at stake. You may be worried about your reputation, career, and future success. At K Altman Law, you can rely on us to guide you through this difficult period. All you have to do is reach out, and we can be there. We hope to learn more about how to help you over a consultation at your next convenience.

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