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Education professionals who are dealing with unfair disciplinary actions or are at risk of unlawful termination must get assistance from a legal team as quickly as possible. Our Farmington Hills, MI teacher discipline lawyer has helped many professionals just like you, who may be facing unjust disciplinary actions or other unwarranted punishments. You may also encounter retaliatory acts when enforcing your legal rights. Our team has represented cases in the past involving inconsistent policies, lack of resources for defense, lack of due process in termination, discrimination, lack of protection from false allegations, and more. At K Altman Law, we are aware of the ways that educational professionals may be mistreated by law, and are here to come to your aid. 

Disciplinary Action Against Teachers

Actions taken against teachers can have lasting impacts on their reputation in the community, future career, and personal relationships. Disciplinary action and termination are serious matters for teachers, and the severity can vary depending on the case. Generally, the process starts with an internal investigation by the school district or employer. The investigation may involve gathering evidence, speaking with witnesses, and assessing the presented facts. After, a determination will be made and whether the teacher will endure termination or other disciplinary acts. Oftentimes, a teacher will receive a notification in writing of charges against them and are allowed a chance to respond. The next step is a hearing, which may be overseen by the employer, district, or independent officer. This hearing gives the teacher an opportunity to speak their case and the opposing party to show evidence of poor performance or misconduct. What you must know is that as an educator, you have the right to due process, so you are entitled to receiving a notice and having a hearing before any actions are taken against you. Furthermore, you maintain the right to obtain legal representation from our experienced Farmington Hills teacher discipline attorney to assist with the matter. 

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer

There are many reasons for why an educational professional may face disciplinary action or termination, such as misconduct, violation of policies, poor performance, violation of federal or state law, insubordination, neglect of duty, verbal or physical abuse, and financial improprieties, among others. Teachers may be disciplined or fired for issues related to unethical behavior, dishonesty, or unprofessional conduct. There are instances where a teacher may face these consequences based on misunderstandings or false allegations. This is why we strongly recommend speaking with our dedicated Michigan teacher discipline lawyer as soon as you can. At K Altman Law, we know how important your career is to you. We can assist with your defense, negotiation, and hearing so that you are protected. We take accusations like these seriously. We understand that your career and reputation may be at risk. We urge you to contact our team so we can learn about what has happened over a consultation. Let us protect you by reaching out now.

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