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K Altman Law is a full-service law firm offering legal representation to clients who are involved in Title IX investigations. We represent clients regarding Title IX violations and other misconduct in universities, colleges, and secondary schools.  

Title IX is a federal law and part of the Education Amendments of 1972. Title IX offers protection to employees and students who face unlawful retaliation, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination. This federal law applies to universities, colleges, and any educational institution receiving funds from the federal government. The student defense lawyers at K Altman Law represent students from all educational levels facing allegations under Title IX. The lawyers at K Altman Law also represent employees facing allegations under Title IX. 

The Difference Between an Advisor and a Lawyer

You may select an individual to act as your advisor during a Title IX investigation. Universities and colleges have unique rules regarding whether a student can have an attorney present during Title IX interviews and Title IX hearings. Schools typically allow students to choose someone to be their advisor. However, attorneys and advisors play different roles during Title IX investigations.

An advisor will investigate the facts and circumstances of your case while collecting evidence for your defense. Our student defense team will help you draft an initial statement to make sure it emphasizes the most relevant parts of your defense. We will help you prepare for interviews, investigative meetings, and hearings.

Our student defense writers can draft statements on your behalf while developing questions for witnesses. Also, the student defense team at K Altman Law can devise arguments that will help you present your case. We will meet with Title IX investigators, the Title IX coordinator, and other parties involved in the Title IX investigation. We can provide you with the guidance, assistance, and support you need throughout the Title IX process.

A Title IX advisor has a limited role to play during the Title IX investigation. An advisor cannot speak or act on your behalf. An attorney may act and speak on your behalf, but an advisor cannot. An attorney may not interfere with a Title IX investigation or object to questions posed by the investigator.

Also, an advisor cannot make an argument, but he or she may cross-examine witnesses during Title IX hearings. In most cases, an advisor may not speak during the Title IX investigation proceedings, but you can meet with your advisor for guidance and advice throughout the process.

The Complainant and the Respondent have a right to one person to act as their advisor during the Title IX investigation. Also, due process rights are typically implicated in all Title IX investigations, and a skilled student defense lawyer can ensure that your due process rights under the 5th and 14th Amendments are not violated.

Title IX and Due Process Rights

Employees and students who face allegations of sexual misconduct under Title IX are entitled to their due process rights. The United States Constitution is the source of due process rights, and these rights concern the equitable treatment of both the Complainant and the Respondent during a Title IX investigation.  

Title IX investigations are not conducted in one manner across all universities and colleges. If you retain a knowledgeable student defense lawyer, you will be able to make sure your due process rights are not violated. The student advisors and student defense lawyers at K Altman Law understand how to recognize schools that deprive parties of their due process rights. We have defended professors, students, and others in Title IX cases throughout the United States.  

A Title IX advisor will assist the student during the Title IX investigation by attending meetings regarding the resolution process, advising the student on different stages in the Title IX process, and conducting cross-examination during a Title IX hearing. 

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Contact K Altman Law today to learn more about the benefits of having a Title IX advisor assist you throughout every phase of a Title IX investigation. The team of student defense lawyers, student advisors, and educators at K Altman Law has years of experience helping clients with all aspects of a Title IX investigation. Call K Altman Law today at (888) 984-1341 to learn more about the legal services we offer.

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