Cheating Accusation Lawyer

From a higher education standpoint, cheating is essentially using assistance that is not allowed in order to gain advantage, whether that is for a paper, exam, etc. Obtaining assistance that is not allowed per university policies or submitting work that is not true to your own could result in being accused of academic cheating. It is important to have our cheating accusation lawyer represent you so that you do not endure unfair repercussions that impact you academically and your reputation. If you are dealing with a situation related to cheating, then contact K Altman Law right away. 

Educational Impact

Cheating is a type of offense that would constitute someone getting kicked out of school. The educational impact on someone who is accused of cheating can hinder their future and opportunities. You may be facing a disciplinary action, such as being suspended, failing a class, or getting expelled. This kind of  may last well beyond the years that you studied, due to the marks on your transcript or having it be reported to graduate school and employers. Cheating on an exam or your work is not illegal from a criminal perspective, but it is an act that may cause severe repercussions from the college.

Benefits of an Attorney

You may think that you can easily handle a cheating accusation on your own. However, depending on who is against you, they could yield more power over you and enforce consequences that are unwarranted. Sometimes no matter what you say or try to prove otherwise, people are going to believe what they want. A student should consider speaking with a lawyer immediately following a cheating accusation. The punishments at the college level could become a negative hindrance to that student’s academic career and success. Our dedicated cheating accusation attorney knows how to deal and negotiate with student disciplinary boards so that the student’s rights are protected. 

K Altman Law

We can imagine the overwhelm you may be feeling trying to prove yourself to those who have accused you of cheating. We understand that your learning and academic career is important to you. Our cheating accusation lawyer is ready to come to your side. We can help evaluate the charges and put together a defense, along with calling witnesses to come forward for the conduct review and negotiate with those who are responsible for making determinations. Our team at K Altman Law can assist with coming up with a fair resolution. It may be possible for you to withdraw from the class, retake the exam, or something else that doesn’t result in the worst of consequences. During this time what you say and do can have an impact on the outcome. We suggest speaking with our team before responding to the accusation. Be mindful of your words and consider getting legal help before the situation can worsen. We are here to offer protection that you can rely on. Call today for individualized guidance.

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If you are accused of committing plagiarism, contact K Altman Law today to schedule a consultation. The consequences of academic dismissal and academic probation can negatively affect your entire academic career as well as your future. We have decades of experience representing students accused of plagiarism. Contact K Altman Law today to learn more about the legal services we offer.

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