Why Hire Lawyers for College Students?  

College is a time for learning, growing, and exploring new experiences. But sometimes, things can take a wrong turn. Maybe you’ve been accused of violating the college conduct code. This can be a confusing and stressful situation, especially if you’re unsure of your rights. 

That’s where K Altman Law comes in.

We’re a team of experienced attorneys dedicated to protecting student rights. We understand the complexities of college disciplinary processes, including Title IX investigations, sexual misconduct accusations, and code of conduct violations. 

We can be your legal advocate 

providing you with the support and guidance you need to navigate this challenging time. Here’s how we can help: 

Standing Up for Your Rights: 

  • College Conduct Code Violations: Whether it’s an accusation of academic dishonesty, plagiarism, or a social incident, we’ll help you understand the specific charges and develop a strong defense strategy. 
  • Title IX Violations: If you’ve been accused of sexual misconduct or harassment, Title IX protects your rights. We’ll ensure the university follows proper procedures and fight for a fair outcome. 
  • Disciplinary Process: College disciplinary proceedings can be complex. We’ll guide you through every step, making sure you understand your rights and have a voice in the process. 

Why Choose K Altman Law? 

  • Experienced Student Defense: Our team has a proven track record of success in representing students facing a variety of accusations. 
  • Your Champion: We prioritize your well-being and advocate for your rights with unwavering dedication. 
  • Clear Communication: We’ll keep you informed and involved at every stage of the process, answering your questions and explaining complex legal issues in easy-to-understand language. 
  • Personalized Approach: We take the time to understand your unique situation and develop a defense strategy tailored to your specific needs. 

Here’s what others are saying: 

“Facing a Title IX investigation was overwhelming. K Altman Law explained my rights, helped me navigate the process, and ensured my voice was heard.” – John B., Student 

“My son was accused of plagiarism, and we didn’t know where to turn. K Altman Law provided us with clear guidance and helped him reach a fair resolution.” – Mary H., Parent 

We Know College Life Can Be Unpredictable 

Accusations of misconduct can have serious consequences, potentially impacting your academic progress and future. We understand the immense pressure students face and are here to offer the legal support you need. 

Don’t Face This Alone – Schedule a Consultation Today! 

Contact K Altman Law today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced student defense attorneys. We’ll listen to your situation, answer your questions, and explore your options.    

Let K Altman Law be your partner in navigating college disciplinary actions. We’ll fight for your rights and help you achieve a fair outcome. 


Contact K Altman Law Today to Schedule a Consultation

If you are accused of committing plagiarism, contact K Altman Law today to schedule a consultation. The consequences of academic dismissal and academic probation can negatively affect your entire academic career as well as your future. We have decades of experience representing students accused of plagiarism. Contact K Altman Law today to learn more about the legal services we offer.

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