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Universities and colleges have specific codes of conduct regulating all organizations connected to the university campus. Some examples of these organizations include marching bands, athletic teams, sororities, and fraternities. Typically, universities and colleges will sanction organizations themselves if student members are alleged to have violated provisions in a code of conduct.  

Different sanctions may be administered based on the specific type of conduct committed by members of the organization. Every individual member accused of misconduct has the right to assert their legal rights. Also, if the university or college cannot identify the specific student who committed the misconduct, the institution will hold the officers of the organization responsible for the offense. If you are a student who is a member of an organization that is facing accusations regarding the student code of conduct, you should consult an experienced student defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Student Organizations and Common Code of Conduct Violations

  • Destruction of real property  

  • Destruction of personal property  

  • Transgressing alcohol regulations  

  • Underage consumption of alcohol  

  • Sexual assault  

  • Harassment  

  • Student hazing

Retaining a student defense lawyer is the best thing you can do if you or your student organization is facing any of the allegations listed above. Universities and colleges may appear to be helpful and kind, but they often attempt to severely discipline organizations to deter other organizations from committing the same misconduct. Also, universities and colleges will do everything within their power to preserve their reputations.

Student organizations are often accused of violating many provisions of the student code of conduct at their institution of higher learning. Some of the most common code of conduct violations include the following:

Severe Sanctions for Offenses by College Organizations

Each university or college will have its sanctions that apply to misconduct committed by student organizations. The most common sanctions that often apply to student organizations include the following:

  • State criminal charges made against individual members 

  • A formal order disbanding the student organization  

  • Revocation of the funding provided to the student organization  

  • Loss of campus housing and campus privileges  

  • Expulsion of individual members  

  • Suspension of individual members  

  • Periods of disciplinary probation  

  • Formal reprimand

The consequences associated with student organization misconduct allegations can be severe. Although only a small number of individuals may have been responsible for the misconduct at issue, the organization itself and the officers can face sanctions and other penalties. Retaining a student defense lawyer can help you determine how best to protect yourself during a formal investigation.  

You are not subject to every whim of the university or college, however. You get to enforce your legal rights and assert a defense. Many universities and colleges falsely accuse students and student organizations of misconduct. A knowledgeable and experienced student defense lawyer can help you protect your rights and develop a strong defense. K Altman Law has years of experience representing students and student organizations facing misconduct allegations.  ​

Contact K Altman Law Today to Schedule a Consultation  

The atmosphere of a formal investigation conducted by a university or college can leave you with many unanswered questions. If you do not take the accusations seriously, you risk suffering severe sanctions that can affect your life for decades.

Also, you may hesitate to reach out for assistance out of fear of embarrassment or shame. However, the best thing you can do if you are facing allegations of misconduct related to a student organization is to retain an experienced student defense lawyer.

Contact K Altman Law today to schedule a consultation. Our team of dedicated professionals has years of experience representing students and student organizations facing code of conduct violations. Call K Altman Law today at 888-984-1341 to learn more about our legal services.

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