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Special education advocacy is an essential element of what we do at K Altman Law. We believe that every person deserves to receive the care and support they need. When someone requires extra help due to a disability, they should be given it without hesitation. Unfortunately, we have seen people struggle to find resources and meet eligibility for special education programs. Our Farmington Hills, MI special needs lawyer is here help families with utilizing, enforcing, or communicating with Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), Individualized Education Program (IEP), Manifestation Determination Review, Section 504, Due Process, Alternative Placement, and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Reach out today for legal guidance you can rely on.

What To Expect During Consultation

By having our Michigan special education attorney work for you, it can reduce much of the stress for guardians and parents who are trying to get the best for their children. When meeting with us over a consultation, you can expect us to assist with Section 504 meetings, preparing and attending Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings, evaluating reports for placement and accommodations, and other tasks. We have had clients who request our services for drafting requests and complaints to school districts, school boards, and administrators. Additionally, we have advised parents and family members on program eligibility requirements and how to meet them. It is our commitment to advocate for those with special needs so they can live as happy and successful of a life as possible.

When Educational Institutions Fail

There are times when an educational facility fails to provide for a child with special needs. By law, educational institutions are required to make reasonable accommodations. If you are not sure what to do after realizing that a school is not meeting your child’s needs, then please contact us now. Sometimes it takes having a legal team intervene to hold people accountable and make changes happen. After the challenges and struggles that children with disabilities can endure, the last thing they and their families need to deal with is an educational environment that doesn’t support their ability to thrive. It is the duty of the school to provide accommodations within a reasonable timeframe and to the fullest extent.

Let Us Advocate For You

To get started, the next step is meeting with a member of our team so we can learn more about the situation and how we can help. Every person should have their needs met so they can achieve the goals they have always imagined for themselves. We can empathize with the struggle that children and families alike can go through when they aren’t able to get the support they need or are dealing with schools that aren’t fulfilling their duty of care. Please contact our Farmington Hills special needs attorney today to book a consultation. Our team at K Altman Law is ready to advocate for you and your family.

Special Needs Education Requirements In Michigan

If you require assistance understanding the legal requirements of special needs education in Michigan, contact our Farmington Hills, MI special needs lawyer today. Special needs education is an essential aspect of Michigan’s educational system, ensuring that all children, regardless of their abilities, receive a suitable and effective education. Understanding the requirements and processes involved in special needs education in Michigan is crucial for parents and guardians advocating for their children’s educational rights.

We understand the personal nature of your case and will take the time to work hand in hand with you in order to meet all of your needs. Our service is driven by a personal commitment to fairness, integrity, and the principles of justice. To discuss your situation with our team, contact K Altman Law today to schedule a consultation.

Legal Framework For Special Needs Education

Michigan follows federal guidelines under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which mandates that all children with disabilities have access to a free and appropriate public education. This includes the development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) tailored to each child’s unique needs. Additionally, Michigan state laws and regulations further outline the responsibilities of school districts and the rights of students with special needs.

The Individualized Education Program

The cornerstone of special needs education is the Individualized Education Program (IEP). This legally binding document is developed collaboratively by a team that includes educators, parents, specialists, and, when appropriate, the student. The IEP outlines specific educational goals, the services the student will receive, and how progress will be measured. It also details the accommodations and modifications necessary for the student to succeed in the least restrictive environment possible. Our Farmington Hills special needs attorney can help you ensure that your child’s IEP meets all of their and your needs.

Evaluations And Eligibility

Before an IEP can be developed, a thorough evaluation process must be conducted to determine the child’s eligibility for special education services. This evaluation assesses various aspects of the child’s academic and developmental abilities, including cognitive, physical, and social-emotional skills. Parents must provide consent for these evaluations, and they have the right to request independent evaluations if they disagree with the school’s assessment.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is a critical component of the special needs education process. Parents are encouraged to participate actively in the development and review of their child’s IEP. They have the right to attend all IEP meetings, request modifications, and access all educational records. Effective communication between parents and school staff is essential to ensure that the child’s needs are accurately identified and met.

Dispute Resolution

Disagreements can sometimes arise between parents and schools regarding the identification, evaluation, or placement of a child with special needs. Michigan provides several avenues for resolving these disputes, including mediation, due process hearings, and state complaints. Our dedicated Michigan special needs lawyer can offer valuable assistance in navigating these processes, ensuring that the child’s rights are protected, and that appropriate educational services are provided.

Contact Our Lawyer Today

If you need assistance with any aspect of special needs education in Michigan, do not hesitate to seek professional legal support. Schedule a consultation with our team at K Altman Law today to discover how we can assist you and your child.

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