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What is an Education Attorney and Do I Need One?

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Areas Where Education Attorney Can Help

Will Any Attorney Work?

Education law is a complex area of practice. When you get into trouble in college or school, it can be frightening and confusing. You often need help to navigate the myriad of rules and regulations. The university or school has an attorney to assist them, and you should also have help. This is where an education attorney can help. There are very few firms that specialize in this practice area. There are a few firms such as K. Altman Law which specialize in the area and have experience helping people successfully navigate this complex world.

Areas Where Education Attorney Can Help

Following are the areas where education attorney can help:

  • Academic Misconduct

  • Academic Failure

  • Hazing

  • Title IX Accusations

  • Dismissal, Suspension and Expulsion hearings

  • Special Education and 504 Issues

Academic Misconduct

You could be expelled if you are charged with an academic violation such as cheating, plagiarism, or illegal collaboration. Many colleges and universities have very stringent rules on adjudicating these types of offenses. They often have strict timelines to adhere to as well. Finally, they have access to in-house counsel, and you should as well. You have tens of thousands of dollars tied up in tuition and loans. This is too important to leave to chance. A responsible charge found could mean expulsion, suspension, or a permanent mark on your transcript. These could derail your current college plans and hinder you from getting into graduate school.

Academic Failure

Have you ever received a failing grade and felt that it was unfair or failed to take into consideration external factors? You may have felt that your educational future was over. Often students struggle with personal issues, family tragedies, or disabilities that can impact their education. You may fail a course because your family was facing a medical emergency that only you could help with. An education attorney can help you appeal these adverse decisions and get you restored to class. Additionally, you may have a disability that impacts your ability to function an education attorney can help ensure you receive appropriate accommodations.


Often when students first go to college, they can get into trouble since they are on their own for the first time in their lives. It may involve alcohol or other factors such as hazing. Colleges and universities are increasingly becoming less tolerant and are quick to take action to suspend or expel students. A youthful indiscretion should not derail your education plans. An education lawyer can help you with your appeal and serve as your advisor in these complicated matters.

Title IX Accusations

One of the more serious issues a student can face at college is being accused of a Title IX violation. These often involve allegations of sexual misconduct and can destroy your reputation, derail your college future, and be challenging to recover from. The rules around Title IX are complex and require someone well-versed in their intricacies. Schools are required to provide you with an advisor, but that advisor is often poorly trained and will only offer limited advice and support. An education attorney can and will fight for rights against the school. I you are falsely accused; you need professional help!

Dismissal, Suspension and Expulsion hearings

Suspension hearings at the K-12 level are often fraught with issues. Boards and superintendents often fail to follow their own rules and procedures. You, as a student, are entitled to due process even at this level. An education attorney can dig into the school rules, practices, and policies to guide you through this ordeal. When you have to speak with the superintendent or the Board of Education, you want an experienced voice to be there for you. That can be an education attorney.

Special Education and 504 Issues

If your student has a learning disability, then you know how difficult it can be for students to get the help they need in school. The law is clear that they are entitled to help. However, many schools gloss over the rules and fail to provide appropriate help. You need an expert who is well-versed in the rules and procedures to ensure that your child gets the support needed.

Will Any Attorney Work?

If you are in trouble in school or college, you need an education attorney who is familiar with how schools and universities operate. Education attorneys at K Altman Law have worked with clients all over the country. We have a unique blend of education attorneys and educational professionals who have decades of relevant experience. Education attorneys at K Altman Law understand the complexity of college rules and the roles of campus administrators in the process, knows the difference between an IEP and a 504 plan, knows how a title IX hearing should go and have built relationships with general counsels to help our clients. K Altman Law is a law firm that has assisted hundreds of clients ranging from elementary to medical schools. Contact K Altman Law education attorneys and professionals today to assist you in your troubles at school, college or university.

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