Unfortunately, the lines of consent and incapacitation are sometimes blurred. If both individuals are intoxicated, who is to blame? Is there blame? Should the male be held more responsible? Or should the female be expected to take greater precautions?

Each individual must be sure and clear about giving and gaining consent. When the lines a blurred, individuals make accusations, and the law gets involved. If you find yourself in this situation, seek counsel before taking another step. Whichever side you are on, K Altman law can assist. We have extensive experience in digging for the truth and fighting for justice. Call or e-mail us today to find out your rights.

Stop. If you have been accused of a Title IX offense please do not continue to think that your innocence will protect you.

The dating world can be very confusing. Consent must be given at every step of the way. Unfortunately, even when all precautions are taken, misunderstandings can occur. If this has happened to you and you are Googling to try to figure out your next move, Please. Stop. The internet is not enough information. Please do not post any details of your case as they will be used against you. Please do not comment about the other person on your social media, even if you think you can just delete it. Title IX cases often involve investigating posts that seemed harmless when initially created, but create severe legal harm. Please contact a professional who can help you with your Title IX case. K Altman Law has experience in this field.

Title IX offers protection against discrimination on the basis of gender to qualified individuals. A program or activity that receives federal funds and/or financial assistance may not deny or cause anyone to be excluded from participation, face discrimination, be denied benefits, or be discriminated against under Title IX.

Sexual violence and sexual harassment are both considered forms of discrimination under the law.