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Title IX 

Female victim of non-consensual sexual intercourse needed a trustworthy advisor and advocate 


Our client was a victim of non-consensual sexual intercourse during the first year of her undergraduate career. She suffered a traumatic experience and needed someone by her side to support her in the legal process, especially someone who could take into consideration her sensitive situation. We took the time to establish a sense of trust and rapport with our client for her comfort but also to show her that her feelings and concerns were valid. During the standard Title IX investigation process, we worked closely with her to prepare her for interviews and hearings. We made sure she fully understood the details of the investigation and her case, including the no-contact order and possible criminal charges she may wish to pursue. Throughout the entire process we reassured her and her parents that we would be sensitive but determined in pushing toward the desired outcome. Despite difficulties during the investigation process, the end result was in our client’s favor. The school sanctioned the responsible male student and our client could continue her education without having to further retell or relive her traumatic experience. 

Small Private University, Northeastern US

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