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Defending Students across the United States

Being a student can be difficult due to the stressors of academic life. Planning for the future, and making important decisions about your goals.

If you are facing charges or allegations due to a bad decision on your part, contacting a student defense lawyer is the best thing you can do for your academic career and your future profession.  

Legal Representation for all Student Categories

K Altman Law offers exceptional legal representation to many different categories of college students. We represent undergraduate students, professional students, and graduate students. The following students have retained K Altman Law in the past:  

  • University employees facing misconduct allegations  

  • Study abroad participants  

  • NCAA athletes 

  • Undergraduate students  

  • Graduate students  

  • Students enrolled in Dental school 

  • Students enrolled in Nursing school  

  • Students enrolled in Medical school  

  • Students enrolled in Physician’s Assistants programs 

  • Students enrolled in Law school  

We have decades of experience working with students, faculty members, and universities. Our team has helped students defend themselves against student code of conduct and honor code violations.

Best Student Defense Lawyers in the US

K Altman Law represents students across the country. We represent students accused of Title IX misconduct, including harassment and assault. Our team of educators and legal professionals provides guidance and assistance to students, faculty members, and employees who are facing various allegations.   

We review the specific provisions enforced by individual colleges and universities. Our team understands how to make sure the college or university adheres to its procedures and policies regarding student misconduct allegations. No matter where you are in the United States, we can provide you with exceptional legal representation. Our student defense lawyers will also work with you to make sure your legal rights are asserted and defended. 


Understanding the procedural rules associated with your case can help you obtain a better understanding of how to defend yourself against misconduct allegations. Colleges and universities adopt their conduct codes to regulate student behavior. However, many institutions use similar methods when investigating student misconduct and other code of conduct violations. Read more

This guide helps you understand what title IX is and answers the following questions:

  • What are the consequences of a Title IX investigation?  

  • How is Title IX used?  

  • What are the origins of Title IX?  

  • What is the substantive content of Title IX? 

Read more​

Understand how the Title IX rules are implemented by universities and colleges in the United States.

Read more​

All a student needs to know about code of conduct violations and the cost of investigation. Read more​

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We focus on helping students navigate school discipline, Title IX, academic and other issues.

The ways to get in trouble as you return to school
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Keith Altman discusses school discipline issues
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Contact K Altman Law Today

If you are facing allegations of student misconduct or other charges, contact K Altman Law today to learn more about the legal services we offer. Our experienced team of litigators, academics, and student advisors can provide you with exceptional legal representation and a robust defense.  

K Altman Podcasts

When students go to school or college, they often find themselves in trouble. We will discuss how this happens and what they can do help themselves. We will discuss issues such as plagiarism, cheating, Title IX and resolving academic failure

The ways to get in trouble as you return to school

More and more students are being accused of school violations that range from cheating to more serious Title IX issues. We discuss the ways you can get into trouble in school and college, and we discuss why you might need an attorney.  

In this episode, we talk with attorney Keith Altman about student discipline issues.

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