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Why Can’t I Bring a Student Defense Attorney to My School Disciplinary Proceeding?

What if the Code of Conduct at my school states I can’t bring an attorney to the student disciplinary proceeding?

In most cases, your school, college, or university will prohibit the appearance of your lawyer in the student conduct proceeding. Even if you’re facing serious allegations, e.g. sexual assault or a Title IX violation, your college or university probably won’t suggest that you consult with an experienced lawyer.

This fact doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t engage an experienced sexual assault lawyer.

Because you must face the actual proceeding on your own, it is essential to prepare for the event beforehand. You should also prepare for meetings, hearings, or other interviews with your attorney. These preparations are also critical in the process of collecting evidence for your defense. Your lawyer’s skills will also help to prepare written statements to the relevant parties in the schools’ student disciplinary process.

What is the role of an advisor in your school’s disciplinary hearing process?

Your school’s policy probably permits you to bring another party to the meeting, e.g. an “advisor” to provide emotional support. They may assist you in navigating the student disciplinary process. This advisor isn’t usually allowed to speak on your behalf at the proceeding. For instance, your advisor can suggest when you may benefit from a break in the process.

What is the role of your Title IX sexual assault attorney?

  • Considers or suggests a variety of scenarios in which the proceeding could take place.

  • Advises you on how to handle the formal student discipline proceeding.

  • Prepares you on how to best anticipate how to respond or react to unfamiliar scenarios.

  • Identifies and pursues additional legal alternatives to which you may be entitled under state and federal laws.

Our experienced team of educators and Title IX sexual assault attorneys know what you’re facing. A finding of responsibility in your matter can literally change the course of your life. Where you go to school, the degrees you obtain, the graduate or professional programs to which you’re accepted in the future may be affected by one small mistake or misstep or someone else’s false allegation that you committed a sexual assault offense.

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