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Attorney Keith Altman is No Wallflower

Lawyer Keith Altman says that social media giants know full well that ISIS is using their platform.

People talk about the dark side of social media, but few do anything about it. However, attorney Keith Altman does not believe in being a wallflower. In this Fox News video, he discusses the ineffectiveness of social media in weeding out terrorist organizations. He explains that their actions are as productive as taking the top off a dandelion. Removing the top gets rid of the problem today. But, tomorrow, the root gives rise to another top. Likewise, social media takes down an account and allows the same individual to set up a new account the next day. Thus, they essentially never get to the root of the problem. Attorney Keith Altman posits that these policies show that the companies knew their platform enabled terrorists but, did little to interfere with their communication.

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